Introducing "Corporate Gifts" May 16, 2017 14:44

We've added a new line to our store.  We have a number of items in our Corporate Gifts Collection.  These are hand made pieces (just like all of our other items) that are perfect for corporate and university gift giving.  Many of our pieces are hand carved from local hardwoods (We specialize in using trees downed by storms or other natural events).  We also have new material (developed in our workshop over the past year) which is striking and dynamic.  We have developed a resin with embedded plant fibers.  This material makes for a colorful, vibrant, and exciting accent to our quality pieces.

We offer quantity discounts and we offer engraving services.  Please call or email us for more details 


Countdown to Father's Day May 31, 2016 14:59





Do you know what you are getting your father for father's day? Let us help you with that! We have a full line of shaving brushes and razors sure to be a hit with any dad. In addition, we are offering 20% discount site wide. Just enter the code Summertime20.shaving brush, Father's DayHappy Shopping!

Just say YES! March 31, 2016 19:49

It has been a challenging few months here at Blue Tarpon. With family obligations, heart break and starting over, our new montra is Just say Yes!  With a new resolve, we are focused on creating new products that bring joy and comfort into everyday life. 

How can we make a routine activity like shaving more enjoyable and pampering? Well, the color and shape of these brushes and razors add to the sensory experience.  We have added (and more are on the way) some wonderful shaving brushes and shaving sets.  Our brushes sport the best badger hair tufts.  We carry a range of knot types including silver tip badger hair, high mountain white badger hair, boar hair, horse hair, and synthetic (nylon).  We have a brush for everyone.  We will also be adding specialty soaps and creams, razors, and all kinds of fun things for the morning routine.


I have a confession to make- I know that we made these shaving sets for men BUT I have to say that my legs love them! It makes shaving my legs a luxurious experience.  

Hello From Blue Tarpon Studio September 10, 2015 16:06

Our first foray into the world of Blogging would not be complete without a formal introduction. We are Blue Tarpon Studio. When I say we, I mean Kelly and Deedee. We love wood and resin. We love a lot of other things too but wood and resin are at the top. We love them so much that we wanted a way to wear them and share them!  Soooooo we created Blue Tarpon Studio. We make jewelry, household adornments and tool for living. We take our que from nature. Everything is hand crafted with attention to detail and our heart felt wish that it be enjoyed.

Be our guests and take a look around our website. Our casa es su casa. 

Thanks for visiting!