Just say YES! March 31, 2016 19:49

It has been a challenging few months here at Blue Tarpon. With family obligations, heart break and starting over, our new montra is Just say Yes!  With a new resolve, we are focused on creating new products that bring joy and comfort into everyday life. 

How can we make a routine activity like shaving more enjoyable and pampering? Well, the color and shape of these brushes and razors add to the sensory experience.  We have added (and more are on the way) some wonderful shaving brushes and shaving sets.  Our brushes sport the best badger hair tufts.  We carry a range of knot types including silver tip badger hair, high mountain white badger hair, boar hair, horse hair, and synthetic (nylon).  We have a brush for everyone.  We will also be adding specialty soaps and creams, razors, and all kinds of fun things for the morning routine.


I have a confession to make- I know that we made these shaving sets for men BUT I have to say that my legs love them! It makes shaving my legs a luxurious experience.