Corporate Gifts

Blue Tarpon Studio offers a line of distinctive, hand made items for corporate and university gift giving.  Each piece is hand carved, one at a time.  Some of our pieces incorporate wood indigenous to South Florida.  We have collected wood downed in the storms over the past several years, and most of our wood pieces make use of the trees that would have been discarded.  Some of our pieces use a Fiber Resin material that is an exclusive Blue Tarpon Studio material.  This resin is embedded with organically grown plant fiber; dyed to the desired hue; and then carved to our exacting standards.  The result is a vibrant, dynamic, and unique piece.  We can match school and logo colors to make for beautiful, tailored gift for your clients.  We offer engraving services for our corporate gift items.

We offer volume discounts.  Please call or email for details (305)495-2716,