Shaving Set, Ink Blot Resin Handles

$ 120.00

This set includes a luxurious premium silver tip badger hair shaving brush and a matching Mach 3 razor.  The brush is luxuriously soft and will transform your shaving experience. The razor is a Mach 3 style razor with a replaceable head (blades). The handles are hand carved from a semi-translucent, pearlescent resin that has bold swirling colors of white and black. The brush handle is carved to seat comfortably in your hand and to stand on its base when not in use. The matching razor handle is nicely proportioned for a comfortable shaving experience. The handles are completely waterproof and the luster will not fade overtime. The shaving brush with handle stands at approximately 4.5 inches tall and is approximately 1.5 inches in diameter. The razor is approximately 6" in length.

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